Art Walk Sculpture Project
ACWL began placing sculptures along the bicycle trail systems in the White Lake
area in October 2005. The theme for the project is An Artist’s View of White Lake
Area. Sculptures will be placed along the connected bicycle trails that run through
the cities of Whitehall and Montague and surrounding areas in West Michigan. The
Art Walk encompasses both the Hart-Montague Trail State Park and the Montague-
Berry Junction Trail
"Windwave" by Cara
sponsored by
Foundation of
Muskegon County
"Eagle Returning to the Nest"
by Terry Moore and Calvin
sponsored by Alcoa Howmet
"WildFlower" by Stan Policka
sponsored by  Alcoa Howmet
"Swimming Upstream" by Robert
L. Barnum
sponsored by DTE Energy
"Lake Spirits" by David G.
sponsored by The Muskegon
"Serene Trees" by
Sharon Smithem
and Wesley Brown
Sponsored by the
Alcoa Foundation
and Alcoa Howmet
The Art Walk sculptures are to be developed using a tiered system to install
public art of various sizes and mediums along the Hart-Montague Bike Trail.  
Pieces should fall within a $6,000 to $25,000 range.  We recommend that artists
visit the area and create their work based on location and theme. Pieces in the full
cost range are encouraged so that individuals and small businesses, as well as
larger sponsors, may share in this legacy. Artists, individuals, and businesses who
are interested in participating in the Art Walk are asked to contact the ACWL.  
Sponsorships of all sizes are appreciated. The ACWL will match multiple
interested sponsors to a sculpture, giving more people the option to participate.
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"Sailboat/Trees" by
George Ramsay.
sponsored by the White
Lake Community
"Flowers Heaven Scent"
by Stan Policka
sponsored by Alcoa
"Szilassi Polyhedron"
fabricated by Tim Carr of Black Bear Gorge
sponsored by HarborLight Credit Union
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