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Music & Performing Arts
Promoting the Arts in the White Lake Area
Located in Downtown Montague, MI
(231) 893-2524
The Music and Performing Arts Branch brings talented community members
together to develop and organize concerts, recitals, and other  performance events.
Whether you  play an instrument, sing, or  enjoy listening, you can experience the
performing arts in the White Lake area.

The White Lake Chamber Music Society is dedicated to promoting the
advancement, awareness, and appreciation of chamber music through local amateur
and professional musicians. Providing a network for local musicians to play and
perform together in various ensembles and making chamber music available to the
community, they present free concerts and recitals.

Programs developed by the Music & Performing Arts Branch include: The White
Lake Chamber Music Society, The White Lake Junior Strings, The Channel View
Chamber Winds, in-school coaching and mentoring, and the White Lake Chamber
Music Festival August 3-13, 2012.

For more information, contact (231) 893-2524

Find information about the
2012 White Lake Chamber Music Festival Here
Mission Statement: Music and Perfroming Arts, branch of the Arts Council of White
Lake, promotes the awareness, advancement, and appreciation of the performing
arts, to enhance the vitality and enrich the cultural life of the White Lake and
surrounding areas.